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Friday, August 13, 2010

Resistance - David Rovics


  1. As an American I am unafraid to voice my support for the PFLP. It was the PFLP that rightly opposed the tragic Camp David Accords, the results of which we see today in Egypt's poor behavior towards Palestinians living in horrid conditions in the Gaza. It was PFLP that articulated the correct line in total opposition to the capitulation. Furthermore, it is obvious that Israel's scheme to engineer a piece-meal partial settlement policy with various parties was intended solely to prevent the possibility of a comprehensive settlement to the numerous outstanding issues that must be resolved, and that can only be resolved via the process of an enforced Comprehensive Settlement Agenda. That is why a reconciliation policy between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority is essential. Of course, these reconciliation measures should take place within the context of the PLO umbrella, and should include the entire spectrum of Palestinian resistance organizations.
    As an American supporter of the PLO I strongly urge Hamas leaders to fully endorse reconciliation efforts on the ground, in a practical sense, by ceasing all military and other hostile acts against the Palestinian Authority and it's supporters.
    To put it in American slang; "Come on you guys! How will we win the game if we are fighting among ourselves while the Israeli team is totally unified and has better equipment?"


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