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Saturday, October 23, 2010

PFLP Solidarity Gig

David Rovics and Don Franks perform at PFLP Solidarity gig

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine solidarity campaign held a benefit gig at Canterbury University on Friday August the 20th. The gig featured David Rovics from the United States and Don Franks from Wellington.

Don Franks, a Workers Party activist, opened the gig and performed songs about the class struggle in New Zealand. “One more Thursday in Black” tells the story of Louise Nicholls and every victim of Police rape, with the chorus “in closing the law showed who it works for”.

Don finished a great set with a song written about the 2001 Police ‘Terror Raids’ in New Zealand. Detailing the polices brutal raid of the Ruatoki and the arrest of activists from around the country it was summed up with the line “Safer communities together, Yeah fuckin right!”.

David Rovics then took to the stage, sporting a ‘Resistance is not Terrorism’ t-shirt, and performed a mix of poetry, storytelling and politically inspired music that kept the audience captivated throughout.

There was a campaign stall at the gig selling both ‘Resistance is not Terrorism’ and Leila Khaled t-shirts, Palestine pamphlets, PFLP Badges and the Spark (the monthly paper of the Workers Party (NZ)).

More video can be found here

David Rovics - "All aboard the Mavi Marmara"

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