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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Popular Front salutes the Egyptian people's intifada for dignity, freedom and social justice

The Popular Front salutes the Egyptian people's intifada for dignity, freedom and social justice

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine pays tribute to the people of Egypt and their Intifada for dignity, freedom and social justice, and greets the masses of our Arab nation as they move, across the Arab homeland, for freedom, rights, liberation, democracy, social justice and unity. At this pinnacle moment for the Arab people, we totally and unwaveringly stand by the choice of the Egyptian nation for democracy and progress.

The PFLP salutes these glorious history-making days which are being made by the Arab people, and stands fully and completely with the people's democratic movement and the progressive forces seeking their national rights, democracy, and social justice. We stand beside our fellow Arab sisters and brothers to build modern movements and institutions that reflect the true will and interests of the Arab people and serve the people's objectives and ambitions, not the ambitions of imperialism, Zionism, or their obedient allies. We pay tribute to the Egyptian people who have rebelled for the sake of their dignity, freedom, and social justice; to the masses of the Arab nations who strive for the freedom of their homeland and the right to be human

Furthermore, the PFLP said that these events in Egypt and Tunisia, and the inspiring mobilization of vast sectors of the people in a popular movement for liberation must serve as a warning to all other Arab regimes that if our people do not receive dignity, freedom, and national sovereignty, they will take their rights and leave any regimes behind who fail to recognize that the day of dictatorship and collaboration with Zionism is over.

The Popular Front said further that the struggle of the Palestinian people and its national liberation movement is an integral part of the struggle of the peoples of the Arab nation. Every step forward of this great emancipation movement of the Arab people is affects the Palestinian cause and empowers our struggle for liberation. Emancipation affects not only the people who are freed, but change itself. Now is the time to strengthen our national and democratic struggle for liberation, and to come together to stand alongside, arm in arm, with the Egyptian people, their great Intifada, and their determination to achieve their goals, and the freedom of Egypt not only from dictatorship, but from U.S. imperialism and Zionism, who are frantically attempting to halt the triumph of the Egyptian people and circumvent their noble goals.

The PFLP is firmly convinced that the Egyptian people's struggle is not only justi, it is powerful, and it will bring defeat to this regime and send a harbinger of defeat to all Arab regimes which prey on our people while obeying U.S. and Zionist dictates. Israel and the U.S. are openly displaying their weakness and fear in the face of the popular movement of the Egyptian people, whose rise has always been a symbol of the rise of the Arab nation, and freedom from subservience, colonialism and fear. The Egyptian people are on a great and historic march toward victory for Egypt, for the Arab nation, and for Palestine. Glory to the Egyptian Intifada!

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